Hi, I'm Troy.
I Grow Your New Patient Volume by Helping You Convert More:

Website Visitors into Leads.
Leads into Consults.
Consults into Patients.
Patients into Raving Fans.

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Your Practice Growth Boils Down to One Skill (and Nobody’s Talking About It)

Troy Cole, Conversion Marketing Specialist

My name is Troy Cole. For 12 years, I managed and directed a well-known full-service medical marketing agency.

Now I work one-on-one with doctors to find and plug the expensive "leaks" in their sales funnels, so they can finally fill their new patient schedules.

Whether you have a highly successful practice and full-fledged marketing department, or if you're just starting out, here's how I can help you:

I will take the hundreds of campaigns I've run, the tens of millions of dollars in advertising I’ve placed across all different types of media, the 10+ years of research, the successes, the failures, the late-night brainstorms, the grand slam campaigns that have generated 7-figure results in a matter of weeks...

And from that, distill the action items you can apply to your practice to stay miles ahead of your competition.

Because your sustainability, your growth, your marketing domination - they all become infinitely easier when you get really good at one specific skill.

And it’s not what most people talk about: Your surgical skill. Your bedside manner. How beautiful your office is. How slick and fresh your website looks.

Yes, these are all important. But the one skill you need for hyper growth is the ability to find new ways to convert leads into patients before your competitors do

Do you want more patients? Would you like to get them without increasing (or even trimming) your marketing budget? Do you want to celebrate a full treatment schedule while your competitors are left scratching their heads wondering, "How did they do it?"

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