The Simple, 4-Step System to Attract 30+ New Patient Leads Each Month

Let’s get tactical, shall we?

Today I am sharing a method you can use to attract 30+ high-quality leads to your medical or dental practice.

This isn’t expensive, nor is it complicated. In fact, it’s a simple, proven 4-step system that can transform your practice starting this week.

Step 1 – Establish Your Offer

To start, you need an offer. And by “offer” I mean a special deal that prompts people to action.

“Hey, come see us!” <<< This isn’t an offer.

Does that mean drop your prices and lose all your profits? No way. I want you to be extremely profitable.

You may need to increase your prices so you can be more aggressive in your offers.

Whatever the case, create a compelling offer and put it into action. No need to wait for a certain time of year, for holiday time, or for your anniversary. Get started now.

What types of offers work well? These include:

  • Dollar amount off the price of procedure/treatment
  • Percentage off the price of procedure/treatment
  • Buy One, Get One Free or 1/2 Off (for your retail products – glasses, contacts, etc)
  • Promoting payment options – As low as $99/month for qualified patients
  • Bring a friend and save an additional $X off

Step 2 – Create Your Offer Page

Once you have your offer in place, you need a place to showcase it online. This is called a landing page.

Your landing page should be a concise page on the web that explains your offer.

It should also have a call to action, including a contact form with a place to put name, phone number and email address.

This page need not be long. Please do not use long paragraphs and hundreds (or thousands) of words.

The goal is to convey the value of the offer and compel someone to take action.

How do you do this? The best way is through a bulleted list that highlights the benefits of the offer.

Remember, the benefit is what someone gets out of your service. You may have heard that the most popular question in your buyer’s mind is “What’s In It For Me?” Explaining benefits answers that question.

Here’s an example – “We offer our free screening consultation because it’s important that you know your options and if you’re a good candidate before you make a decision, and that’s why we do this at no cost to you.”

Here’s another – “We have affordable payment options because many patients want to fit their procedures into their monthly budgets, so we now have payment options that can be lower than your cell phone bill to make XYZ Procedure more affordable for you.”

Step 3 – Promoting Your Offer Using Facebook Ads

Now that you have an offer and a place where people can take advantage of it, we need to get your target audience to that page.

The best cost-effective and accurate way to do this? Facebook ads.

Facebook ads is the perfect tool to get your message in front of your ideal audience at an affordable price. Facebook has the user base (almost 2 billion people) and the targeting capailities to reach whoever you want with pinpoint accuracy.

To get started, visit Click the “Create Ad” button.

You will have many choices for your objectives on the ad. For this particular ad I’m explaining to you today, set your objective to “Website Clicks.”

You will need to input a few other pieces of information as follows:

  • Geographic Targeting – Choose between 5- and 10-mile radius of your practice, depending on your geographic reach. You can also target based on zip code. (If you don’t know where your patients are coming from, pull 12 months of patient records, sort by zip code, total each zip code, and plot on a map. Then you know your most profitable zip codes.)
  • Age Range – Select the appropriate age range for your offer.
  • Other Demographic Indicators – You can also target by other demographics. If you have an offer for your child’s first dental exam, target moms of young children. If you have a special promo for community heroes, target police/fire/emts. You get the idea.

In the actual ad, explain your offer to get people to click to your landing page.

You will also want to include a compelling image in the ad. Try not to use a picture that is clearly from a stock photo site. People know when they are looking at a blatant stock image and they easily overlook it.

Rather, take an image of an actual patient in your practice going through an exam (make SURE you have then sign a media release!), or an image of some of your team members smiling and enjoying their day. Experiment with different images.

Budget – Set your budget at a mere $20 per day. This will typically produce 1-2 leads per day, on autopilot, which can result in 30+ leads per month for your dental or medical practice each month.

Step 4 – Close the Sale and Fulfill the Service

When someone completes the form on your website, you will immediately be alerted via email that you have a new lead.

Now all you have to do is make sure that lead gets into your office, and then treat that person like you would any other new patient.

You can use this script to book the appointment:

“Hey there, this is <YOUR NAME> from <YOUR PRACTICE>.

I saw that you sent in your information for our special offer of <EXPLAIN THE OFFER>.

I’m calling to answer any questions you have and schedule your appointment/exam/free consultation. We have availability tomorrow morning at X time or the following afternoon at Y time. Whch works better for your schedule?”

It doesn’t need to be any more difficult than that.

The Math (Why This Works So Well)

Why is this such an awesome system? The numbers are quite favorable to you. Let’s do some quick math, using a “worst-case scenario” that can still make you a ton of money.

Let’s say you’re a LASIK surgeon who charges $4000 per procedure.

Now, assume you’re generating leads at $20 each, which is on the high end. Let’s also say you don’t have great sales people, so those leads are only closing at 10%, which is on the low end.

That means you need 10 leads to get a patient. $20/lead x 10 leads = $200 cost on a $4000 procedure. That’s a 20x ROI.

Put another way, you made $4000 off 10 leads. $4000/10 = $400. Meaning you spent $20 per lead, but you made $400.

However you want to track the math, it works in your favor. And remember, this is worst case scenario. I have clients all over the country beating these numbers.

(I don’t publish my clients’ information on blogs like this, but I’m happy to discuss more specific results with you in a one–on-one setting.)

Your Next Step

I’ve seen this simple system work time and time again for my clients, and I want it to go to work for you too.

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During this session, we will discuss your practice needs and goals, what you’re doing for your marketing now, and what kind of compelling offer we can create in your market to make this 4-step system work for you.

The call will only be about 30 minutes long, if that. I want to respect your time and mine.

If you like the plan we create for you and would like some help getting started, I am going to offer you one of the few available spaces in my FB Patient Leads Program.

If it’s a good fit for both of us, I know you will love working together to grow your new patient numbers and make more money in the coming year.

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